Auto, Home & Business Insurance


Not all auto insurance policies or insurance carriers are alike. Make sure you understand the details of your unique situation. Then get in touch with the professionals at Neely and Wade Insurance in Winchester, Kentucky, for an evaluation of your coverage needs.

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Do you own a home? You need to protect yourself and save money. You can do that by combining your auto and homeowners insurance coverage with Neely and Wade Insurance.

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Do you rent an apartment or house? We partner with Safeco to offer renter’s insurance. Within minutes, you can purchase this policy online or over the phone. We will also create an Evidence of Insurance (or Certificate of Coverage) when you purchase the policy. This acts as proof that you have renter’s insurance.

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Business Insurance

With the ever-changing business climate today, you need an agent who understands your business, reacts quickly and helps you succeed.

Business insurance is one of the many critical needs of running a profitable enterprise. Make sure you’re protected by the experts at Neely and Wade Insurance.

Having the right business insurance does more than just give you peace of mind. It’s an integral part of an overall management strategy to help you stay competitive and protect your company in the event of an accident or disaster.

While many small business owners seek to get away with minimal coverage, others overpay on insurance they don’t need. You can avoid both of these extremes by consulting with our skilled agents at Neely and Wade Insurance. We will advise you on the right coverage for your particular situation.

Although at first, you might think that paying business insurance premiums is a burden, the real question is: “can you afford not to have adequate coverage?” You never know when a natural disaster will strike, or if an employee will have an accident in a company vehicle. It’s better to be prepared than to be hit with a large bill after a catastrophic event takes place.

Bottom line — do you have the protection your business needs in today’s ever-changing business climate? We can help.

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